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Top 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2018

Top 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2018

Smart appliances have taken over our households and the kitchen is no exception. Smart kitchen appliances can help new and experienced cooks improve their meals. Read more about the top 5 smart kitchen appliances here.

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Kitchen appliances often don't get the same attention that entertainment portals do, but they should.

We spend an average of 31 minutes a day preparing food and cleaning up messes. That might not seem like a very long time, but it can add up over weeks an months. Smart kitchen appliances cut down on this time as well as make everything easier on us.

Want to learn more about the smart devices changing the kitchen game? Let's explore.

Smart Coffee Maker

Is getting up in the morning the hardest part of your day? Well, you might want to add a smart coffee maker to your kitchen so you can get the pot brewing without even getting out of bed.

You can start your brew from your tablet, phone, or virtual assistant. That way, you'll have that cup of joe waiting for you as soon as you get enough energy to stand. This is one of the best kitchen appliances for the anti-morning people.

Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators are a smart kitchen appliance that is becoming more popular in the modern kitchen. There is a wide variety of different products you can choose for these, and they allow you to sync them with other smart devices.

A lot of the smart refrigerators are voice activated as well. You can use this as your shopping list, so you always know when you need more ingredients.

Smart Trash Can

Smart trash cans might not be on the top of your list of groundbreaking smart appliances, but they can be extremely useful in the cleanup phase of the meal.

These trash cans come with motion sensors and voice activation. They have antibacterial components that fight germs at their source, which is important in a trash can.

The motion sensor and voice activation allow you to open the can when your hands are full.

Smart Microwave

Microwave technology is old at this point, and the novelty of cooking a meal in a matter of minutes has been lost on this generation. Microwave cooking is far from ideal, but new smart microwave technology is changing that.

These new microwaves cook the food all the way through by heating it evenly. That classic trope of a microwave meal being lava on the edges and frozen in the middle doesn't apply anymore.


The SmartPlate is a fantastic addition to the smart kitchen for anyone who regularly marks their meals and calorie intake through a mobile app. This device will do the work for you, connecting to the fitness app of your choice.

There is also a built-in camera and scale in the plate, which weighs your portions and alerts you if you're eating more than you need.

Some Must-Own Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances can make cooking and clean a lot easier than it once was. We listed a few of the most notable, but companies are coming up with more technology every day!

Want to learn more about kitchen essentials, design, and cooking? Take a look at our blog.

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