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There is spring-cleaning and then there’s spring maintenance!

What do you think this past season has done to your home? The winter months in Los Angeles left us with so much rain, we almost had to build an ark. Well, there is no time like spring to look over your home and make sure there are no repairs needed. 

Here are three spring maintenance tips: 

Examine Roof Shingles –Check out those shingles and make sure they weren’t damaged during all those rainstorms. Shingles that are missing or cracked might need to be replaced. Quick tip: Make sure if you have Skylights that you properly check them as well.  Having a qualified roofer on speed dial is always a perk too. #weloveagoodhandyman 

Check your Gutters and Chimney – One good thing to do is to examine your gutters to see if they’re loose or leaky. The last thing anyone needs is a leak, right? With all the crazy rain SoCal has endured double check your chimneys for signs of damage too. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Service the AC Unit – It’s about to get HOT OUT (sizzle, sizzle). 

Making sure that your AC Unit is ready to cool you off is a MUST on the to-do list in the warmer months ahead. Did you know that when your coils are cleaned they work more efficiently? True fact. 

Have a cooling contractor come out to service your unit is something you should schedule too. 

One of the best Spring-cleaning things you can do in your home bring your tile back to life! 

Bathroom Tile - Springtime is the perfect time of year to brighten up and clean your tile in your bathrooms, kitchens everywhere that you have it. If your bathroom is having the winter blues the right products and a little scrubbing can refresh your tile making it look as good as new! 

Some other fun spring-cleaning tips you should also indulge in are: Degreasing your cooking range hood, Vacum your mattress, and recycle old papers.   Go into this new season feeling good and having a happy, clean home! 

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