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The Interior Design Trend Field Guide: 2020 Edition

Are you considering starting an interior design project this year?

Here are some interior design trends that you should be aware of.

Like most people, you may be spending a lot of time at home this year.

If you've been inside for a while, you might feel a burst of inspiration to redecorate.

You're not alone.

Many of us who love decorating our home know how the right design can transform a space. If you're looking to take your home to the next level, the latest trends in furniture, paint colors, and decor can help. From one interior design trend to the next, these tips can

help bring your visions to life.


Earth Tones

One of the best ways to transform a space is with color. Color can not only change the feel

of a space, but it can also influence how we think.

As one of the top remodel trends, earth tones are in this year. 

Earth tones like dark brown, forest green, and deep yellow make for beautiful paint and decor colors. These colors can complement intimate dining rooms, living rooms, and

home offices. Consider painting your walls a unique warm shade or adding earth-toned furniture to liven up your space. 

Patterned Bathroom Walls

With patterned accent walls, you can achieve one of the top bathroom interior design

trends of today. As bathrooms tend to feel small, adding an accent wall can open up

the space and create an interesting focal point. 

Consider adding a contrasting material or color wall into your bathroom design.

Some popular choices for patterned accent walls are marble, stone, or mosaic tiles.

For a more futuristic look, adding a mirrored accent wall can look unique and sleek. 

Biophilic Design

Adding plants to a space is a great way to make you feel at home.

With biophilic design, nature can become one of the main focal points of your home. 

Stemming from the word biophilia, or love of nature, biophilic design has many

unique benefits. While incorporating nature into your home, your space will not

only look beautiful, but it can also help our well-being. 

Studies show that indoor plants may reduce psychological stress and help people

feel calmer.

Consider adding a built-in plant wall, indoor greenhouse with skylights, or natural

stone and wood floors. 

Mixed Metals

While you may have heard that mixing metals is a no-go, different metal finishes can

add a unique, beautiful touch to a home. As one of the top 2020-2021 interior design

trends, add mixed metal decor into your kitchen, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

For one of the simplest ways to incorporate mixed metals into your home, consider

adding unique hardware to your kitchen design. When mixing metals, be sure to

combine one cool-toned and one warm-toned metal. For example, copper metal

drawer handles may complement silver metal appliances by adding depth to space. 

Remember when mixing metals, keep it simple, and focus on the details.

The details and small accents can take your home to the next level.

What's Your Favorite Interior Design Trend?

One of the most exciting aspects of decorating your home is experimenting with different ideas. From interesting paint colors to built-in seating, find your favorite interior design

trend today. These trends can help upgrade your space and make you feel right at home. 

For help with your interior design project, contact us today for a consultation with an expert. 

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