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Spring into Action! The Charming Spring 2019 Trends for Interior Design

The weather is warming up, so get those windows open and let in the fresh air! Check out these spring 2019 trends to create a charming, inviting home.

You started the year off strong, inspired to keep your resolutions and live your best life.

But it's been a few months and you're just not feelin' it. Time for a Spring makeover!

If you're ready for an energy or mood boost, the best way to start is to push the refresh button on your home.

These Spring 2019 trends will help you do just that.

Adding Natural Elements

Spring is about rebirth and growth. You can bring Spring into your home by filling it with natural design elements.

The easiest way to add a touch of nature to your home is to keep plants.

They add texture, color, and (literally) fresh air to any space, without breaking the bank.

Even if your green thumb is nonexistent, there are plenty of indoor plants that are extremely low-maintenance. These are some of our favorite no-brainer house plants:

• Aloe Vera Plant

This succulent requires direct sunlight but very little water. You'll almost never have to change the container it's growing in.

Plus, the sap inside its leaves makes a great moisturizer and home remedy for minor cuts and burns.

• Snake Plant

This plant is also known as the Mother-in-Law's Tongue because of its pointy leaves and ability to live for so long! 

• Pothos Plant

Pothos plants can grow in pretty much any lighting, including artificial lighting.

You can use cuttings to grow brand new plants by putting their roots in water.

If you have pets, just be sure to do your research. Some plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

Mixing Patterns

It may have been a big no-no in the past, but mixing patterns is a huge trend this Spring in interior design.

The point is to bring playfulness into your home.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you plan to mix and match patterns:

1. Keep the patterns within a shared color scheme.

2. Make sure some of the elements in the space are plain, to keep the look grounded.

3. Mix up the scale of each pattern, like using large stripes and tiny polka dots.

4. Space out the patterns throughout the room to give your home a nice balance.

With these key design rules in mind, you can use patterns to make your space more

lively and fun!

Playing with Textures

Texture adds visual interest to a room. If you want to minimize the number of colors in a room but you don't want everything to blend together into a beigey haze,

you can experiment with texture.

• Acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture opens up a room because it's completely clear.

That means the furniture can take up space and serve a function, without blocking the

light in the room. It makes space look bigger and more open.

• Unfinished wood

Raw wood adds warmth to your home. For example, an unfinished wood dining table offers a beautiful contrast to your smooth ceramic plates, steel cutlery, and glass cups.

Why You Should Follow Spring 2019 Trends

The key to interior design this season is to make your home more fresh and inviting.

By following these Spring 2019 trends, you'll feel happier in your own house and guests

will enjoy their visit even more.

For more design inspiration, visit our website.

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