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Personal Spa: 7 Stunning Luxury Bathroom Looks You Need to See

Want to transform your bathroom into a relaxing, personal spa?

Here are five stunning luxury bathroom ideas to help you get started. Slow. Soothing. Relaxing.

Those words all describe your last visit to a spa.

Wouldn't you love it if your own home boasted some of the same ambiances as that day?

Transform your old bathroom into a relaxing luxury bathroom, and bring the spa home. Here are the 5 best ways to remodel a bathroom into a calming retreat.

1. Minimalist Sink and Counter

Clutter stresses most people out.

The less your counter and sink area have on them, the more relaxed you'll feel while you're in the bathroom.

Maybe simple isn't the first word you'd use to describe luxury, but bright, smooth fixtures can still be grand (like marble or clear glass).

One of the hardest things about a simple space is that you have to keep it clean or the dirt is very obvious.

There are no tchotchkes to hide the gunk.

After you transform your bathroom with an elegant stone or glass sink and vanity, set up a cleaning schedule so you always feel luxurious.

2. Jacuzzi Tub

Sinking into a hot whirlpool to soothe your aching muscles is an unparalleled feeling.

Invest in a jet tub big enough for two to give your bathroom a step up.

You'll turn it into your personal spa when you add some bath fizzies and candles in a basket on the edge of the tub.

You or your guests will always get a good soak in your personal spa with this new fixture. 

No room for a big tub like that?

Why not transform your shower with double shower heads? It's worth the re-plumbing to add a second stream of water. 

3. Light and Mirrors

We aren't suggesting magic tricks to get chintzy knock-off luxury.

But if you have a smaller space than you'd like, adding large mirrors and brighter lights can help it feel more open, despite the reality.

And who doesn't want an excuse to install a chandelier somewhere?

4. Luxury Bathroom Amenities

Keep the basic toiletries (and a few extras) around for when people come to visit.

Use elegant containers that add class to the bathroom and still reveal the contents so guests know they are welcome to use what they need.

Extras like this are what make hotel bathrooms feel opulent, even though, in all probability, you brought your own shampoo.

Add some plants or greenery to freshen the look even more (don't worry, they can be plastic if you have a black thumb).

5. Add Seating

If you think you don't need a couch in the bathroom, you're right of course.

No one needs a couch.

But when you walk into a bathroom and there's a small floral bench or accent chair, don't you feel a little like you're in a palace?

You can achieve the same look in your own bathroom.

One way is to add a small stool that you could use at the vanity (try it with a small matching rug, too).

Or add a window seat to the outside wall, if space is a problem.

Your Personal Spa

You're so close to having the luxury bathroom you want.

Follow our 5 tips with a simpler sink and a whirlpool tub, along with lights and mirrors.

You can also add amenities and spare seating to complete the transformation.

Changing the ambiance in your bathroom gives your home extra value. 

Contact Milestone Design & Development for your Los Angeles home-building project today.

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