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How to Layout a Living Room: 7 Key Design Tips

When it comes to designing a living room, there are certain things you should know and do. Click here to learn how to layout a living room.

When designing a new home, we know how overwhelming an empty living room can feel. With so many interior design trends and options for decorating, you may find yourself wondering, "where do I begin?"

Never fear. Here are seven key design tips that can teach you how to layout a living

room and bring new life into your space. 

1. Develop the Foundation  While we know it's tempting to buy those fluffy accent pillows, develop the foundation

of your space first. Once you've prioritized the layout, then you can splurge on the decorations.  When designing a living room, ask yourself questions like, "how many people will

usually be in this space, and what will it typically be used for?" Your answers will help

build a solid foundation for your living room and make the next steps, like shopping

for furniture, much simpler.

2. Determine the Focal Point The focal point of your space is what will attract the eye most. If you're looking to use

the living room for movie nights, the television may be the focal point.

If you'll be the host for game nights, the coffee table or couch may be the focal point.  Once you have a central focus in your space, the rest of your living room design,

like the decorations, wall color and flooring style will fall into place.

3. Layout Furniture for Conversation With guests or a large family, the living room will likely be occupied with people and conversations. Keep this in mind when laying out your furniture. Pull couches and chairs away from walls and have them face each other. This will allow

for time better spent in your space.

4. Don't Be Afraid of Color Color makes us feel things. So it's important to find the best color for your living room. If you want an energetic space, go for bright and vibrant colors. If you want a more

relaxed space, use cool, neutral tones. Don't be afraid to step out of the box; unique

colors can bring your space to life.

5. Choose Comfortable Flooring When choosing the right flooring, remember the function of the space. Your living room

will likely be occupied by everyone who steps into your home, so make sure that it is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Consider installing a brightly colored wall-to-wall carpet for an added pop.

Or if you love hardwood floors, install a dark-colored wood and accent with area rugs.

6. Use Lighting to Set a Mood After the couch is in place, walls are painted and pictures are hung, living room lighting 

is like the cherry on top. Your choice of lighting can drastically change the tone of a room,

so it should work with the other aspects of the space.  For a more versatile space, consider implementing a dimmer. Or if you have high ceilings,

a low hanging lighting fixture can add an unexpected layer. Remember, that while your decorations and furniture may be beautiful, lighting is essential to bringing the whole

space together.

7. Add Personality  Remember, your home reflects who you are. What do you want your space to say? Whether it's through wall art or unique furniture, your living room should speak to guests. Accessorize your space with items that are meaningful and tell a story.

These accessories are ultimately what make a house a home.

Step One: Learning How to Layout a Living Room Now that you know how to layout a living room, there is much work to be done.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for your home design consultation today. 

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