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Green is the New Black: 5 Ways Sustainable Architecture is Shaping Modern Design

Everything's changing as the whole world rises in support of environmental awareness.

See how sustainable architecture leads the way with innovative design.

Environmental awareness has taken the stage.

Many people are coming together to discover ways to save the Earth. Scientist,

designers, architects, activist, and common every-day people are seeking ways

to bring sustainability into everything we touch and use.

Just this year, Disney World, Florida completed their new 270 Acre Solar Farm.

The farm is capable of running two of Disney's 4 theme parks off of solar energy. 

But how is sustainable architecture leading the way with innovative design?

Continue reading to learn 5 ways sustainability is shaping modern design.

What Is Sustainable Architecture?

Sustainable architecture is the use of the design in buildings that decreases the number of negative effects that it has on the environment. Efficiency is taken into account when deciding on what materials will be used, what energy it'll need, and more.

What it takes to build this type of architecture, how long it'll last, how the materials are disposed of, and how it'll ultimately give back to the environment are all things considered

in sustainable architecture. 

1. Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have become quite popular. These houses are seen on television in

different home shows. More and more people are making the switch to a tiny home. 

Not only do tiny homes give their owners the freedom to travel, but they also give

their owners the ability to save big bucks down the road. And they are much better

for the environment! Tiny homes rely on solar-powered energy to run. 

And because it's a small house, it leaves a smaller environmental footprint. 

2. Green-Roofed Homes

Green-roofed homes are making their way throughout the world, leaving their mark on the country after country. Eco-friendly homes in Australia and even in New York are taking over the sustainable architect fashion world with their green roofs.

The more buildings and homes making the switch, the more popular the idea will become. 

3. Timber Structures

New timber building materials have been designed to be just as strong as concrete

and other standard building materials. And now that this new timber is strong enough

to build large structures, a cleaner environment is in the future.

Unlike concrete and steel, timber soaks in the carbon in our environment while the

others emit it. 

4. Recyclable Materials

We've seen pretty amazing things built from recyclable materials.

Many museums, downtown areas, and art displays offer sculptures made from 100%

recycled items. Architects have found ways to use recycled items when building a structure. 

These items are used in the walls as insulation and as carpet as well. 

5. Smart Bricks

Smart bricks are in the making and researches are working towards making these bricks smart enough to extract necessary resources from the air, water, and sunlight.

These bricks are still in process at the Living Architect Project at Newcastle University.

But once these bricks hit the streets, they'll bring sustainability to many building designs. 

Shaping the Future

Sustainable architecture isn't just shaping modern design, it's shaping the future.

And thankfully, the future that it's shaping is green and bright. To see what services we can offer you for your constructing needs, head over to our services page and get started today!

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