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Brightening Your Life: How Much Does It Cost to Add a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your home is a great way to bring in the natural sun and bring up your property value.

The cost of adding a sunroom to your home might seem steep, but in sunny places like California, the return on investment can be over 50%!

If you live somewhere in the Sun Belt - or near a beach, or somewhere with a beautiful view - a sunroom can add natural light and endless beauty to your home. Your family will enjoy a place to relax and friends will compliment your aesthetic when you add a sunroom to your home.

But how much does it cost to brighten your life? The cost of adding a sunroom can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, or it can be done on a dime. 

The range is between $8,000 and $80,000!

Your design choices and how you calculate your sunroom additions cost can make all the difference!

Adding a Sunroom is Right on Trend

Adding a sunroom is one of the hottest trends for 2019, as open and natural designs incorporating nature are sure to be at the top of the savvy homeowner's list.

Sustainable design and appreciation of the natural world are de rigeur, but also timeless and classy.

If you live in a place known for its vistas and natural scenes, what could be better than adding a sunroom?

Sunrooms are Better than Full Rooms

One of the best cost-saving measures of adding a sunroom to a home is it's sure to cost less than a full room addition. This versatile space can be added to your home on a budget and doesn't have to break the bank!

You'll have to decide whether you want a pre-fabricated sunroom or a custom build.

Obviously, a pre-fab will give you the best return on investment - especially if you are smart about how you decorate and where you place the room.

While a fair estimate for a completely customized and adorned sunroom is about $100,000, you can accomplish a $50,000 addition to your custom standards if you are tight with your budget.

You can add a sunroom for much less by hiring a local contractor and having them work within your budget. They can build out the room for less, or perhaps repurpose a room that's already there.

Another benefit of adding a sunroom is their relaxed regulations. Most municipalities won't require a sunroom to have central heating and air, and many won't require much beyond a building permit at all. Check with your general contractor before starting construction! 

Sunrooms are Good for Your Health

Sunrooms can be consequential to your health, as more and more doctors are prescribing sunlight and Vitamin D for enhanced mental health.

It's no secret adding a room to your home and all the expenses which come with it can cost a pretty penny, but what are your health and happiness worth?

Sunrooms can provide a return on investment when you sell or evaluate your home, but it's crucial to remember that some of your return on investment will be in your quality of life!

Is A Sunroom in Your Future?

At Milestone Design and Development, we can build you the sunroom of your dreams, or repurpose some outdoor space for a patio and outside living room. 

Click here to see some of our wonderful patios, and don't hesitate to contact us for prices on your dream sunroom!

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