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9 Design Ideas You Must Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation

Make sure your kitchen renovation goes off without a hitch by having a design in mind. Here are the top designs to start thinking about.

Around 43 percent of homeowners in the United States choose to renovate their kitchens because they can’t stand their old ones.

Unlike the traditional days, the kitchen is now a focal point where members of the family meet at the beginning and end of the day.

Thus, the kitchen as the center of the house should be paraded with warmth and beauty.

It’s important to plan for your kitchen remodel as various trends are coming up every day.

Below are nine design ideas you must consider for your kitchen renovation.

1. Smart Kitchens

You may consider incorporating technology in your kitchen for lighting and in the fridge. Some fridges are designed in that they can inform you when you have a shortage of grocery items. Also, there’s a lighting system that helps control the lights in your kitchen from your tablet or kitchen.

2. Cabinet Colors

White kitchens are now paving the way for dark-colored ones. Dark kitchen cabinets portray an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. However, you need to create a contrast to ensure the dark color doesn’t overpower the kitchen.

3. Streamlined Textures, Materials, and Designs

Nowadays, people are embracing simple kitchens that have modern, clean lines.

For instance, you may consider removing the upper wall cabinets to create visual space and make the kitchen brighter and larger. Moreover, it allows you to use the counter space productively.

4. Effective Storage Solution Cabinetry

Inadequate kitchen storage leads to endless challenges and frustrations.

There are some effective storage solutions that you can use, such as caddies for pans

and pots, roll-out trays, and pull-outs for spices, among others. These help you store

your drinks, foods, and other appliances easily.

5. Appliances: New Preferences and Styles

Having kitchen appliances of a variety of colors have become trendy nowadays.

Appliance sets of stainless sets will make your kitchen appear more modern.

You may consider bright blues or ruby reds for a more stylish and expensive look on your stoves. Steam ovens are becoming a necessity nowadays. Compared to conventional cookers, they retain flavor and food nutrients better and cook much faster.

6. Hardwood and Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic flooring comes in various sizes, styles, and designs. For instance, there are ceramic tiles that appear the same as hardwood. In addition, it’s possible to design the ceramic tiles so as they resemble other materials such as natural stone.

7. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Single level large sizing of kitchens is becoming more popular as wall cabinets are losing popularity. Trendy kitchen islands have several under-counter appliances and provide seating-standing as a drinking bar or casual dining.

8. Connecting With the Outdoors

Consider creating entry points to the outside entertainment areas from the kitchen.

For instance, you may opt for large windows or glass doors for your kitchen.

9. Quartz Countertops

These countertops are popular since they require low maintenance, are durable, versatile, and environmental-friendly. Because of their popularity, they tend to increase the value of your home and thus are a good investment.

Make Your Kitchen More Modern Using Trendy Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It’s about time you opted for a kitchen renovation. The above 2019 design ideas will help you create a modern and trendy kitchen. Since some of us spend most of our time in the kitchen, it’s important to ensure it looks appealing. The above ideas provide the best aesthetics and functionality to ensure you have your ultimate kitchen.

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