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7 Most Important Questions to Ask an Architect Before Hiring Them

You want to build a new house from scratch or complete renovations on your home.

Here are the most important questions to ask an architect before doing so.

Building a new home? Or just renovating?

The best person to have on board is definitely an architect.

However, there are some important questions you must ask before getting any work started.

Whether you want to build a new house from scratch or complete renovations on your home.

Here are the most important questions to ask an architect before doing so.

Don't Be Shy About Questions to Ask an Architect Before you even draft your blueprint for your new home, there are some questions that you should ask your architect to ensure that you’re on the same page for the project and that you’ll get the best value for your money.Be detailed in your questioning.

If he or she is a true professional your architect won't be offended.

Can I See Your References?

To determine whether your architect is dependable or not ask for references from past clients they’ve worked with as well as any contractors. You will gain an understanding of their work ethics so you can decide if you are going to hire them or not.Find out if they have insurance and if there are any open claims against them.

Can I Be Involved? Be sure to indicate if you want to play an active role in the building or renovation of your home. Based on this decision, go ahead and ask your architect how much time you’ll have to commit as well as any other expectations.

How Much Do You Charge? Find out how much your architect will charge from the get-go. Also openly discuss your budget as well as cost limitations. Be sure to also let your architect outline any additional costs that they might foresee in the future.

What Challenges Will I face? Be it city approval or design related, ask about any challenges associated with your project. You want an architect who is upfront about the challenges you will face so that you are not blindsided later.Also, ask your architect if they have dealt with problems like this before and how they solved it.

How Will You Keep Me Updated? Demand that your architect shows you any plans before construction commences.

Ask to see any alternative design sketches, samples or computer animations.

When these are presented exchange ideas, critiques or adjustments you deem necessary.

Are You Going to Work with the Contractor? The contractor will be responsible for your project once construction is underway.

The architect will most likely recommend a contractor but find out how they plan to work with each other.Ask your architect if they will be working with the contractor or if you will

be the one to do so.

Beyond the Groundbreaking Whether building your own home or renovating it, the key to success is to get an architect on your team so that the process and outcome meet your vision. However, do remember that there are questions to ask an architect before starting and make sure you get good answers before hiring them.

For more useful tips on designing your home, please contact us.

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