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5 Trending Modern Appliances of 2020

Looking to spice up your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than to these trending modern appliances that everyone wants in their home!

One of the main benefits of being a homeowner is purchasing your own appliances

and furniture, and decorating your house however you see fit.

How you design your home reflects your personality. 

Trending modern appliances are but one of the ways you can invest in your home. 

Maybe you want more space efficiency. Maybe you want the most stylish devices around. 

Here are five kitchen appliance trends you'll see everywhere this year. 

1. Touch Control

Everyone wants their devices to be more modern and efficient. In today's market, that

means touch controls. 

Whether it has a flat touch screen or touch-capacitive buttons, people are done with

knobs and actual buttons. 

Some of the appliances with such controls include higher-end ovens, washing machines, and even toasters.

One such toaster has a screen with different bread options and settings for the condition

of the bread (such as fresh or frozen). Those options should protect you from accidentally burning your toast because your spouse turned the knob too far.

2. Multi-Cookers

Another cool kitchen appliance is one that covers multiple bases.

Multi-cookers are especially important when working with a smaller kitchen area.

They're also useful if you tend to buy a lot of appliances. 

These appliances allow you to prepare your meals in a variety of ways, even when

you're away from home.

For the professional buyer, this could drastically improve your diet. 

3. Compact and Discrete

As mentioned before, compact and multiuse devices are one appliance trend you've probably already seen this year. 

For example, all-in-one washer and driers are adorning more apartments every day,

which helps save space for professionals living and working in major cities.

There are also ovens that have fully functional microwaves integrated into their design.

You can see the preference for smaller profile devices in the design of tiny homes

on Youtube, where often appliances are built into walls in an effort to save space. 

4. Smarter Modern Appliances

With the rise of technology and smart devices come smart kitchen appliances as well. 

Refrigerators are built with functioning screens and web browsers installed onto their doors. Alexa devices tell the time, play music, and display recipes all from the convenience of

your kitchen counter. 

As of last year, it was predicted that smart kitchen appliance shares would be at 28%

for refrigerators and 27% for washing machines. And that revenue is growing every year.

5. Unique Finishes

Just as important as functionality is visual design. After all, no one would buy a kitchen appliance that could do everything if it meant it clashed with your other appliances or

was visually bland. 

Stainless steel continues to be a popular choice, but some designers are opting for

black stainless steel as a fresher alternative.

Whatever brand you decide on will have a collection that matches each other, so you

don't need a good eye to have a stylish kitchen. 

Your Kitchen's Best Design

You don't need to go it alone when outfitting your kitchen to its fullest potential.

In Los Angeles, you'll need whatever help you can get to have the trendiest modern appliances.

Reach out today for any of your home needs.

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