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5 Reasons Why We Love Modern Architecture

Are you trying to figure out on a style while building your new home? Here are some reasons why we love modern architecture and why you should consider it.

The idea of old things becoming new again is certainly true in architecture. Throwbacks to rustic styles and treasuring older homes and buildings is the "new" thing.

When it comes to older architectural styles, modern architecture is making its way back to current culture. What was once considered out-of-style is now back in style with current home designs.

Maybe you aren't sure "modern" is cool again. If not, here are some reasons why we love modern architecture and why you should consider it.

What is Modern Architecture?

Modern architecture began in the early 1900s and was popular through the 1980s when it became "uncool". While the name "modern" sounds like it's a current style, it's actually from decades ago.

Characteristics of modern architecture include a flat roof, clean lines, and minimalist design--both inside and out.

You'll also see a clear view of the materials used to build the home. Most modern homes are heavy on industrial materials like concrete, glass, and steel.

Modern architecture is big on simplicity. Homes include large open spaces with clean designs.

You'll also find the modern style incorporates function first and form last. Style for the sake of style is not modern. But don't let words like "simple" and "minimalist" fool you. Modern architecture is never dull. 

It's Far From Boring

During the 1990s when cookie-cutter homes began springing up in suburban areas, modern architecture died away. But one of the best parts of modern architecture is that every design is unique.

You won't find cookie-cutter repeat designs in a neighborhood where modern-style homes were the norm. While designs contain similar designs, each one will be unique. 

Sharp architectural lines draw your eye to the design without distraction. With modern design, the architecture itself is the center of attention.

And with clean interiors that won't distract, decorating a modern home is a dream come true.

A Clean Palette

A true modern architectural home has muted interior and exterior colors. While this contrasts sharply with more current trends of bold colors, muted tones give more freedom to your interior design tastes.

Furniture and art don't need to compete with brightly colored walls or floors.

Most modern homes have large mirrors allowing plenty of natural light. It's the kind of lighting you dream of to brighten a space. Add an accent piece of furniture or throw pillows to pull a modern room together.

A modern architectural home is perfect for some of the design trends we're seeing for 2019. Simple and sleek is back.

Modern Architecture is the "Old" New

The name implies that it's something new. But modern architecture today is a resurgence of an old classic style.

If you're looking for a look that isn't busy or too bright, you'll love modern architecture as much as we do.

Our design team is ready to create the custom home of your dreams. Whether you want to update a modern home or create a new place from the ground up, contact us to build the home you'll love. 

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