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5 Festive Ideas for Winter Decorations in Your Southern California Home

Even if it isn't snowing, you can still capture that winter feeling in your Southern California home.
Check out these 5 festive ideas for winter decorations.

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'Tis the season to take out the tree, ornaments, and every Christmas decoration from your attic. Christmas is the season many people love for decorating.

Christmas calls for fun characters such as Santa and Rudolph. You can decorate your house in shades of red and green. Everything sparkles and shines and looks happy and jolly. Maybe your kids made some cute Christmas décor in school.

When you have the family over to open presents, wow them with amazing and unique Christmas décor.

Here are 5 ideas for glamorous winter decorations.

1. Choose an Artificial Tree

You're probably aghast at this recommendation. But hear us out! Every family slaves over finding that perfect tree, cutting it down, and dragging it to their homes.

One artificial tree can last for years and they're becoming more realistic looking.

You can even get creative with an artificial tree. Why choose a pine tree when you can choose a unique tree, such as a silver tree?

2. Stick with a Unique


Red and green are the classic Christmas colors. But they aren't the only ones.

Instead of sticking with tradition, glam up your home and invite some of the more unique Christmas palette colors. Great examples include silver, gold, blush, and even rose gold.

And don't forget the glitter!

Brass, gold, and rose colors are seriously trending. This trend is carrying over to the holidays. This palette gives your home a sparkle unlike any you've ever seen!

3. Don't Forget Your

Tabletops and Kitchen

You put so much emphasis hanging ornaments on the tree, garlands on your trim, and adding every little Christmas figurine to your armoire. But what about your tabletop and 

your kitchen?

The table is where you'll host so many Christmas events. Christmas dinner, homemade desserts, holiday drinks, and the list goes on. So dazzle up your Christmas table and kitchen.

Choose a sparkly table linen. Include food-centric Christmas décor such as a gingerbread house. And add those cute Christmas characters such as reindeer.

4. Less is More

It's easy to want to buy every Santa this or Frosty that and display them in your house. But remember-less is more. Using too many Christmas decorations makes your house look obnoxious. And this causes more work for you.

Keep up with the Christmas décor trends and only display what is trending.

5. Use Christmas Décor in

Non-Traditional Ways

Do you only hang ornaments on the tree and display garlands on your banister?

Don't be so basic! Instead, use Christmas décor in non-traditional ways.

Hang your ornaments on the wall. Display your garlands on the dining table.

Display your Christmas stuffed animals on the tree. Set out Christmas candy as décor.

Use the Most Unique Winter


Do you love the look of winter decorations? Try spicing them up this year! Follow this advice and have the most unique and luxurious home this Christmas.

If you're hosting holiday get-togethers, ensure your home is updated and re-designed! Take a look at our services and see how we can help.

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