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A custom home design & construction company in the heart of Los Angeles



In 1994 we had a vision of creating and improving homes in Southern California through custom home design.

In living through the Northridge earthquake and seeing the devastation around us and all those homeowners losing

what they have worked for their entire life, gave us the power to rebuild their dreams.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Founder Maurice Abikzer followed his father’s path, whose vision was always

to see his clients have that smile on their face after seeing their custom home design projects completed with success.

He once told Maurice, “Son, this is the biggest reward!”

It gave Maurice that strength to move forward and start the company in 1994. Today, after nearly 20 years in business, Milestone Design & Development, Inc. is proud to have achieved what he always believed in.

The smile on our client’s faces after a successful completion of custom home design projects is so rewarding.

Our commitment and love for the business and clients today, is just as strong as Maurice’s fathers so many years ago.

Milestone Design & Development, Inc. is a fully established development company specializing in residential design

and construction, with License B (General Building Contractor) with the Contractors State License Board.

The Milestone Difference

The Milestone Difference

Milestone Design & Development, Inc. of Los Angeles is here to make sure that your house is a home. Whether renovating your current home or looking for a contractor who understands your desires in a

custom home design for a ground up construction, our team has the passion and experience you need.

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